YOUR CONSULTANT IS Gene & Blossom Schur

My Story

My Story…Enjoy!

A very good friend of mine, Krysta, had purchased some Scentsy items from a Home Show. Christmas 2008 came and I was blessed with a gift from Krysta. When I opened my gift, at first I thought..."What a nice night light!", though I quickly became aware of what I was looking at after I opened my second gift…scent bars; a Scentsy "NightLight."

I immediately plugged my new Scentsy into the wall receptacle, added one cube from my Mocadoodle bar and turned it on. Minutes later, I enjoyed the fragrance emanating from my "NightLight" as I could smell the delicious scent throughout my house.

A couple of months passed and I was thinking about what a great innovative concept and unique gift I was given. I remember this one particular night I had company over and my friends commented on my warmer. They too felt that the product was a child-safe alternative in comparison to regular burning candles as there is no flame or black suet. The following day I was reminiscing about how safe the Scentsy products are as my wife and I were soon expecting our first child. Being crazy about flamed-candles, safety was now my main objective for my family. At that moment I decided to join the Scentsy family.

Currently working as a commercial and residential pool service technician, I had absolutely no time to spare. I sacrificed some of my time to have a launch party and it was that day I saw the twinkle in everyone’s eyes as they sniffed and smelled the samples from my startup kit. It was then, I saw how this product sells itself with little or no effort in being a sells person.

I knew – at that moment - my hobby turned into a business with a passionate desire to make the twinkle happen everywhere I went. I joined the Scentsy family in September 2009 as CEO of my very own Scentsy business. As an Independent Consultant, I quickly climbed to the rank to Super Star Consultant with a team of 12  people.

Seeing how easy the payoff of hard work, dedication and desire has left me blessed with great rewards. The business is structured and created for anyone to succeed.

From my family to yours…God bless! Gene :-)